Meet the Biggest Earner for an Online Platform!

While promoting a business online one ensures making use of all the possible platforms. If you were asked what platform according to you earns the highest revenues to your website, the usual answer would be social networking sites or as per the recent trend, blogging. But amazingly it is none of the expected answers. The platform that has proven to be the biggest earner to any website is online forums.

The online forum can be understood as a help desk where genuine queries regarding a given service, product, issue, etc are answered by those who hold enough knowledge of the field.

The main features of any forum are:

a)It is a place where all activities, be it a discussion or simply putting forward or resolving a query, are guided by certain rules that are enforced by the moderators of the forum. A question or any activity that does not pertain to the topic of the forum is not entertained.
b)The accuracy of the information provided here is believed to be higher than that from any other source such as a blog or an article; they are trusted to provide the more reliable recommendation.
c)Because people spend more time on forums than on reading a blog or article so as to get direct and exact information, there are better chances of earning higher advertising revenues through them.
d)A fully thriving forum that has regular discussions with a great deal of user participation is effective from the SEO point of view for it helps maintain a website’s high rank on popular search engines.

With a more passionate set of people onboard, a forum, without the doubt, beats other platforms like blogging or social media and has hence emerged as the biggest earner amongst the online platforms!