7 Reasons You Should Redesign Your Small Business Website in WordPress

Your website serves as the digital storefront for your business. If it doesn’t seem to be appealing, load rapidly or even have a cell version, clients are going to preserve walking. Many small enterprise proprietors count number on their website to bring in a constant movement of leads and teach practicable customers on what they offer.

When it comes to designing a website, most of these identical small commercial enterprise owners suppose they can’t have all the bells and whistles that large companies have.

WordPress is a free platform that powers the lower back end of your website. It’s normally referred to as a “content management system” because of its capacity to let you easily create and organize all of the pages and media you add to your site.

1. You’ll be in a position to begin using your internet site as a blog.

If you’re the usage of a separate website to host your blog or, worse, have no weblog at all (at least yet), switching your website over to WordPress will rapidly solve that problem. Not solely is the software program exceedingly handy to operate (adding new pages/posts literally takes seconds), however, it’s the ideal platform for running a blog about your small business.

Simply set up a web page on your website devoted to your blog (just name it “blog” or some catchy identify that performs off your brand). Then you can begin adding posts to that page. A weblog is your best and the finest way to continually add new content material to your website and hold clients updated with your business.

2. WordPress continuously updates itself for protection and security.

Instant updates imply you can be confident your website’s safety is continually up to date and aligned with the best, most modern-day policies. While some different content administration systems may require you to manually test for updates or may additionally be slack on performing maintenance, WordPress does the work for you.

You can sleep soundly knowing that your site will routinely update, and knowing, too, that WordPress will keep working to higher its machine and make matters extra impervious for customers and visitors.

3. WordPress is open source.

“Open source” truly capability that developers are in a position to make a contribution to WordPress’ software program in the shape of plugins, themes, and updates. How does that benefit you? The gadget is constantly improving and getting better, and a new addition doesn’t value you a cent. You can reap all the benefits of these upgrades except paying for them.

4.  WordPress is SEO friendly.

SEO, or search engine optimization, refers to the notion of making your internet site extra searchable via engines like Google and Yahoo. While getting to know SEO can take some investment of time WordPress offers methods for enterprise owners to optimize their website in the best ways possible. Check out the free Yoast web optimization plugin, which indicates you step-by-step how your content ranks and where there’s room to improve.

5. WordPress is no newbie.

This CMS is swimming in acquainted water. It’s been around for extra than ten years so it’s protected to say it’s a certain thing. While WordPress (like any CMS) isn’t perfect, it’s tremendously an awful lot problem-free. Over the years, its engineers have had time to work out these little kinks and improve, aging the machine into a timeless CMS that all degrees of web builders have come to love.

6. Coding for WordPress is general for any web developer.

A lot of small enterprise owners hire an internet developer who then builds a complex internet site that no one else can manage. That’s all well and top if you by no means want to exchange your website again — however, that’s rare.

One of the reasons WordPress is so excellent is that it’s grown to be such a popular desire any web developer is aware of how to code for it. Whenever a trouble pops up that you can’t fix, or you decide to redecorate your website’s look, any developer will be in a position to get the job done.

7. Having a WordPress website puts you in the right company.

Yes, WordPress is “every guy’s CMS.” That being said, its skills lengthen far beyond the basic ones; and some of the largest groups in the world use WordPress to electricity their sites. How huge is “big”? The New York Times, Mashable, TechCrunch, and Inc. (to title a few).

WordPress is awesome for small corporations due to the fact it has the entirety you need to create a visually pleasing, wholly functional, scalable website, and it also provides limitless probabilities if your enterprise or finances grow down the road.