5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Website Theme

Selecting a website theme can be overwhelming — there are literally thousands of free and paid options available to download and purchase. Your theme is the overall look, feel and style of your website. This includes things like the color scheme, layout and style elements. In essence, your website theme is a direct representation of your brand and has a direct impact on your users’ experience.

1. K.I.S.S.

K.I.S.S. is an acronym for “Keep it simple, stupid” — one of my favorite sayings when it comes to modern-day website design. Several years ago, websites were very loud, and companies wanted wink animation, fancy features and other wedding and whistles. Now unappetizing designs with a minimalistic tideway are popular.

Websites that are too rented take the user yonder from the desired call-to-action, and they are a headache to navigate on mobile devices. If you take a squint at Team 10’s website, you will see an unconfined example of a constructive design. Each section of the website is simple, features an unappetizing diamond and gives the information seeker exactly what he or she is looking for — nothing increasingly and nothing less. It’s so simple that it’s brilliant.

2. Developer support availability

This is something that not many people take into consideration when selecting a theme. It’s very rare that you will be worldly-wise to install a theme and not have to make updates as the platform you are using changes and advances. This could be due to full-length changes or security issues — no matter what you are using, from WordPress to Shopify and every other option, you need to visualize there will be updates required to alimony your theme from breaking.

The majority of theme marketplaces will have information on the developer, as well as a log of all the updates that have been released for each particular theme. Pay sustentation to this information, as well as consumer reviews and ratings — it can require you a lot of insight.

Themes that have been virtually for a long time and have several updates indicated that the developer is constantly making changes to make the theme better. One of the most popular WordPress themes, Newspaper, has over 57,000 sales and is updated all the time. If you squint at it here, you can scroll to the marrow to see the update log and a list of all the changes made each time. This is an example of a theme with spanking-new developer support.

3. Mobile readiness

Almost all popular modern-era website themes are responsive, but that doesn’t necessarily midpoint that they are guaranteed to provide a spanking-new mobile experience. There are plenty of websites that will pass Google’s mobile test, yet provide such poor user wits that they are worthless on smaller screens, in terms of conversion potential.

Look for a theme that is extremely adaptive and built with converting visitors in mind. If you squint at this contact page on a desktop or palmtop computer, you will see that the form features several steps. It’s eye-appealing and is very easy to well-constructed on desktops and laptops.

Now, if you squint at the same page on a mobile device, you will notice that there is a very prominent “Click to Call” sawed-off on the very top of the page, permitting the visitor to make firsthand contact without plane scrolling. If they do scroll down, they find the contact form, but in a variegated format that’s much increasingly user-friendly on mobile devices.
The majority of website themes will have working demos for you to play with surpassing purchasing, so make sure to put them through the ringer on mobile and tablet devices.

The majority of website themes will have working demos for you to play with before purchasing, so make sure to put them through the ringer on mobile and tablet devices.

4. Available plugins, apps, and extensions

It’s very rare that you will run a website theme in its stock version — you will customize the squint and finger to match your brand, as well as add special features to enhance the user wits and turn increasing traffic into leads, sales, and revenue.

WordPress has over 54,000 plugins available, Shopify has thousands of apps and WooCommerce has Extensions misogynist to help enhance your website theme.

You need to know what platform is weightier for your merchant surpassing exploring misogynist themes, and once that is decided you can then uncork to explore other add-ons. For example, if you are an e-commerce brand, Shopify is very nonflexible to beat.

If you are a small service-based merchant and your goal is to generate leads, then you may want to use WordPress and focus on publishing unconfined blog content to pull in traffic. Squint at the offer used on this lead capture form — a downloadable brochure in mart for a name, email write and phone number. Rather than a standard sidebar offer that offers a newsletter subscription or an emailed offer, this allows the consumer to wangle the ransom immediately.

There are plenty of plugins that can help you implement and manage download offers with no coding or minutiae skills needed. Most of the popular services you will use with your website, like MailChimp, for example, has plugins misogynist that make integration simple. Make a list of what you will be using and what features you will need to add to your theme and reverse engineer the weightier options.

5. Cross-browser compatibility

Testing your website theme on all the popular web browsers is an important step, expressly if you are considering using one that hasn’t been updated recently. With so many variegated devices, browsers and operating systems stuff used, testing helps ensure that your theme will provide the same user wits and functionality for everyone.

There is plenty of self-ruling tools and resources misogynist online, as well as paid options that offer a self-ruling trial. One of the oldest, Browser Shots, allows you to run your website through them all at once. The self-ruling open-source tool is an unconfined starting point — if you do spot an issue on a particular browser you can then remoter investigate using other misogynist resources.