Why You Should Get A WordPress Site:5 Reasons

However, before I go in the reasons why you should choose WordPress, let me make one point clear. It’s something that confuses a lot of people who are new to WordPress so I want to make sure that we’re talking about the same thing. There are two ways to build a WordPress site.

You have WordPress.com, a hosted solution by WordPress. With this option you can have your site up, running and looking beautiful in minutes. Be careful, though, as you can’t do anything you want with your new site.

The second option is WordPress.org, and that’s the one I talk about on this site. With this option, you’ll need to find your own hosting and set up your own site from scratch. This is more work than going the WordPress.com route, but it means that your site is completely yours and can do whatever you want with it.

WordPress Is Flexible

You have so many themes and plugins to choose from, that you can do almost everything you want with your WordPress site. From changing the fonts and colors and moving your pages around to installing contact forms, security features or even a shopping cart.

Easy maintenance

Even if you don’t know much about taking care of a site, WordPress makes maintaining your site easy. You can choose between different backup plugins to make regular copies of your site. If anything happens, you can always get your site back in no time this way.

Security plugins are another great help. They will help you keep intruders away. You also don’t have to worry about keeping track of updates. The WordPress dashboard tells you when an update is due.

WordPress Is Free

WordPress is open source software, and that means that you can download it for free. There are some costs related to maintaining a WordPress site, of course. For example, you’ll need to pay for hosting, and some of the themes and plugins are premium (or paid). Overall though, setting up a WordPress site isn’t going to cost you much at all when you’re starting.

Even if you decide to pay someone to get your site started, you can easily take over the updating and basic maintenance of your site.

Lots Of Support For Your WordPress Site

The biggest benefit that WordPress has, is its huge community. If you have questions about WordPress you can always post your question at WordPress.org/support and get a reply. And if you do need a WordPress expert to work on your site you can find a lot of them in different price categories.

Good for search engines

Unlike some website builders, WordPress is great for search engine optimization (SEO). The software itself is written using high-quality code. There are also SEO plugins available to optimize your site’s structure and content.

Be careful of the themes you add, though. You want to make sure that those use high-quality code too so you don’t lose any benefits.

If you’re looking for a solution for your website that has everything you need, WordPress really is a great choice.