WordPress is the leading Content Management System on the market, powering a large percentage of the Web. WordPress Development include customization of themes and plugins . Learn from one of the most recognized educators in the WordPress world, Zac Gordon, who has taught thousands of people now employed as WordPress Developers

WordPress Development – Build Customized Themes and Plugins

WordPress is simple, dynamic, powerful and can do wonders for your website development.

WordPress is a well-known user-friendly open-source system, with extensive plugin directory, a powerful template framework, and an easily accessible administrative dashboard. Initially, WordPress was designed to build beautiful typography, but was later transformed into a powerful platform used to build blogs and now, to develop fully functional eCommerce websites.

  • Open Source CMS Development
  • WordPress Maintenance & Technical Support
  • Custom Theme Design & Development
  • Responsive, Mobile-Friendly WordPress Web Development
  • WordPress Multi-site Development
  • Search engine optimized