How to work with Quality Assurance ?

Quality Assurance
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How to work with Quality Assurance ?

Mistakes are inescapable. We’re only human being, after all. But when we delivering projects to our clients, make sure that happens with as few errors as possible. It sounds like a great goal, but how do you systematically achieve it? The key to minimizing errors or bugs in projects is to design a quality assurance process, that is efficient and reliable. We’ve talked about how to set up a QA workflow, So you can minimize errors in projects before delivering them to clients for external feedback.

Sometimes, there are patterns of issues that pop up. To identify these patterns, you need to collect metrics. This could involve assigning the QA specialist in your organization to categorize the types of issues that come up as they are identified. Such information can then be aggregated about a given developer to provide continuous feedback for improvement.

Collecting and organizing information for metrics is time-consuming. While it could help improve the process, the improvement may not be worth the investment of time. It usually only pays off in very large-scale processes, when a small improvement provides benefits many times over.

For example, even with several dozen employees, in our company, we are only just beginning to discuss future implementation of metrics in the feedback and QA process. Even so, our initial plans will be to give a general metric on quality, by tracking whether client feedback identifies bugs or additional “out of scope” requests, rather than giving detailed analyses of patterns of issues.

It’s not always possible to do everything at once when you want to improve the quality of your company’s work. By breaking it down, you can focus on tackling one step at a time to achieve improvement.

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